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London Mners fancy banding together for children's theatre matinees?

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Marina · 18/01/2006 13:05

Following on from Shakespeare for the under 11s, I wondered if anyone was interested in the occasional trip to Saturday matinee productions aimed at children?
I am thinking specifically of the brand-new Unicorn Children's Theatre in Southwark but other productions do appear as well...

OP posts:
Bink · 18/01/2006 13:06


Bink · 18/01/2006 13:07

that's a yes. I realised it looked a little eccentric

frogs · 18/01/2006 13:07

Fab idea, Marina. Since so many of us seem to have Y2ish boys, maybe something for that age group?

Marina · 18/01/2006 13:07

Helloo yourself. How much did your lot love Tintin? Ds is still doing, "I'm a good dog, I'm a baaaad dog..."

OP posts:
Marina · 18/01/2006 13:08

Great, that's three of us already

OP posts:
frogs · 18/01/2006 13:11

Tintin was fab. Exactly what was required, apparently. Sadly I didn't get to go, as dh is the Tintin anorak in this family, so I had to stay home and babysit dd2. [pout]

Fauve · 18/01/2006 13:11

yesyesyesyesyes, please! My two love the theatre, but it's sooo expensive. What a good idea!

bossykate · 18/01/2006 13:12

yes, would like to very much.

serenity · 18/01/2006 13:13

I'll keep an eye on this - flesh is willing, but the finances might not be. I've got Yr1 and Yr3 DSs, so bracket it nicely!

Bink · 18/01/2006 13:13

Adored Tintin - they are just gluttons for performance, I don't quite understand it as children are supposed to gloom and glower at going to the Boring Theatre, aren't they?

I liked the first third definitely best - when it was almost a dance piece & so imaginative - I thought that was closest to the Tintin mood. The scene of the bodies in the plane - well, my mum pointed out that you never do get anything like that in Herge, and I must say I agree. Think that was the Young Vic trying to push the envelope, and not sure it was either appropriate or necessary. There you are, that's my review.

Such a good idea. Not only for the group discounts!

Marina · 18/01/2006 13:23

Can you tell I spent many happy years pre-kids organising group theatre outings (nearly typed poutings there Frogs) for my colleagues and their significant others? Low point Saloooooome courtesy of massive egotist charlatan Steven Berkoff
There is only one thing I like better than live theatre and that is discussing it with people who have also seen the show
Agree about the scene in the plane Bink. I felt that at that point the atmosphere faltered badly, and ds was mildly disturbed by it.
How nice to see the mausoleum-like Barbican Theatre stuffed with kids though
Unexpected treat for me was seeing unsung hero of the RSC and other "quality" reps Mark Lockyer in three roles. Not much TV, no film, but what a quietly talented man (and cough, hunk)

OP posts:
Fauve · 18/01/2006 13:24

Just for info, Wimbledon Theatre is showing 'Horrible Histories' from 7-11 February - both Vile Victorians (Saturday matinee) and Terrible Tudors. We've already got tickets, but I'm sure there are other Horrible History fans out there.

Info here.

Marina · 18/01/2006 13:27

It's such a trek for us but I do envy you SWers your access to a range of theatre Fauve
Ds saw a marabou-infested travesty of a panto at the Churchill in Bromley recently and with the demise of Greenwich as a rep we are a bit hard-up for non-fringey stuff now.

OP posts:
Bink · 18/01/2006 13:33

The next thing we plan to do has come via a flyer from the school - one of the mothers there is in some way involved in the turning of the London Children's Ballet Canterville Ghost production into a movie & it's having a premiere at Whiteleys (ie basically our corner shop) complete with appearances by dancers. The flyer says "NOT SCARY!!"

It's at lunchtime on Sun 5th Feb. This may be more of a yr1 girl (ie, dd) than yr2 boys adventure, however, & I've yet to find out about tickets etc. But it's a possible?

motherinferior · 18/01/2006 13:36

Inferiorette#1 has just started going to the remarkably good Satmats at the Catford Broadway Theatre (yes really) and has had a whale of a time.

I just got details through from the Unicorn of stuff coming up over half term btw - reckon I could get one or two review tickets which could help the financial arrangements

batters · 18/01/2006 13:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KBear · 18/01/2006 13:49

I'd be interested Marina - have 7 Y/0 dd who loves all things theatrical and ballet and a 4 Y/O DS who only likes trains so I'll leave him with DH!

Marina · 18/01/2006 13:49

I keep forgetting the Broadway MI, a short trundle for us through some of SE London's most scenic estates on the "don't forget your knuckledusters" 160...
If ds wasn't sloooowly learning to swim at the same time I would deffo be investigating the Barbican Children's Cinema Club on Saturdays

OP posts:
Marina · 18/01/2006 13:51

Oh good, more takers.
Some on here might remember the tussle I had with my workplace about group tickets to a matinee for children for a panto FFS.
My comments were indeed taken on board - less than a week before the Saturday in question
I think ballet, unless it features assault droids, is a step too far for ds at the mo Bink

OP posts:
Bink · 18/01/2006 13:56

Very understandable Marina.
Ds didn't seem to mind how dance-y The Snowman was, but for the actual ballerina's solos he put his coat over his head.

Marina · 18/01/2006 14:00

I can just picture the scene Bink
A bit like ds skulking under his seat during all of Ian McKellen's quick-change-aren't-I-just-gorgeous schtick in Aladdin last year. Why was Gandalf wearing ladies' clothes? Argh.

OP posts:
frogs · 18/01/2006 14:05

Thinking ahead a little here, I see the Open-Air Theatre are doing The Sheep-Pig this summer. Also reviving the production of Dream we saw two summers ago, if anyone has appropriately-aged kids. But will it have Russ Abbott in?

Marina · 18/01/2006 14:08

I hope it does, Frogs, I think he's ideal and a far better actor than his TV profile suggests. Would definitely be up for that and indeed the Sheep-Pig.
I wonder how we can find out what London Bubble are up to, their stuff is often good too

OP posts:
Earlybird · 19/01/2006 13:37

Definitely interested in the possibility of coming along to anything that would be appropriate for an almost 5 year old dd....and her mum, of course!

tigermoth · 21/01/2006 09:42

Yes, interensted, depending on time and price. I will see what the Albany Empire have to offer - their Family Sundays performances are great - lovely cafe, lots of running around space and a garden, too. Easy to get to by train. Also tickets are well under £10.00.

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