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Taking DD to Royal Opera House/nutcracker as Christmas treat. Which restaurant?

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Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 12:32

Dd does ballet and I am getting her tickets for Christmas.
She is 9 and very sensible and will love the grown up, mother and daughter feel of the outing.
So I would like to eat there.

I have looked at the restaurants and the balcony looks good.

Has anyone else taken a dc to one of the restaurants and could give me feedback on how they are with children?

OP posts:
shopalot · 18/10/2011 12:40

Personally I would take her to see sleeping beauty (much better than nutcracker for 9 year old imho) and eat in a restaurant outside ROH. The food is really expensive and you don't get much. Cafe rouge or similar is always nice and then you get to walk through covent garden and enjoy the atmosphere!

shopalot · 18/10/2011 12:44

Having said that ROH restaurants are fine for children age 9. Will be lovely, I just object to paying so much for a dinner just because it is in ROH!!!! Sorry I was so negative in my last post!!!!

Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 13:30

S'alright Grin

But 'sleeping beauty is better' isn't that helpful when she asked for the nutcracker and I have bought the tickets already.

And cafe rouge is fucking dire.

I know it will be expensive but the building and the bars are beautiful, I like the idea of supper first and then pudding in the interval, it is her present and, to be frank, I can afford it.

But other than that, thanks

Grin Grin

I'll phone them

OP posts:
Hullygully · 18/10/2011 13:57

I'd get a dvd and maccy ds

spare the rod

thousandDenier · 18/10/2011 14:00

Oh what a wonderful treat for you both - she'll always remember it :)

and arf at Hully Grin

wahwahwah · 18/10/2011 14:02

There are loads closeby - but book or you will go hungry! There's the ususals - Pizza Express, Strada...

Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 14:09


I don't want to go to somewhere nearby. I want to eat inside. And sit at my table and get elegantly pissed in the interval.

OP posts:
Hullygully · 18/10/2011 14:12

Take a packed dinner, make some white bread fish paste sarnies and take some crisps, a kitkat and an apple. Like a normal person.

Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 14:15

Oooh. A jam sandwich based picnic.

I could always eat inside and send her out to get a pizza in the break.

OP posts:
thousandDenier · 18/10/2011 14:19

I got a right old bollocking from a highly imperious usher when I was caught with my own picnic in a box at the Albert 'All.

It may have been the first time an item from Greggs had been consumed there

minsmum · 18/10/2011 14:20

I went with my ds & dd it was a special performance and a special set menu done very cheaply. Any way when we got there my ds decided he didn't like the set menu and was being very unreasonable. They couldn't have been nicer brought him a sandiwch instead , didn't mind any request & it was a wonderful night out. DS has AS and was not easy to manage so I'm sure your DD will have a lovely time. We have been many times since and all love it there. Funnily enough we saw the nutcracker that night and the children loved it

Hullygully · 18/10/2011 14:22

I saw Frank Sinatra there many years ago. We had a box and watched him being pelted with knickers.

Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 16:20

So greggs based picnic and spare knickers for pelting.

Did frank mind?

OP posts:
Hullygully · 18/10/2011 16:26

He did seem a bit cross. He was very old by then and it was enough of a strain staying upright and crooning without the knicker missiles.

GhoulsGhouls · 18/10/2011 16:36

No useful information to add.

Was going to say, if it was me, I would eat in the ROH, and take posh chocs to eat. And have champagne. It's only Christmas once! a year

But have changed my mind - Please please do the Greggs and knickers thing.

shopalot · 18/10/2011 16:40

If you can afford it then it will be lovely. Last time I went to the opera house it was £7.60 for one sandwich-ie one slice of bread and a slice of cucumber and a cherry tomato in the bar. It wasn't even a nice sandwich!!!!! So to be honest I felt a bit miffed. I have had a lovely meal in cafe rouge in covent garden so I guess it is everyone to their own.

Have eaten in all the restaurants and not worth the money but to be honest as I have been a lot I probably am oblivious to how beautiful it all is..... Must look up next time!!! The Nutcracker will be lovely but the new production of Sleeping Beauty comes highly recommended, so was just a thought. hadn't realised you had already bought the tickets.

Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 16:52

Grin thanks shopalot.

I was only laughing at the very mumsnet style reply - not being grumpy. Thanks.

The trouble with the cafe rouge thing is that I live in a town centre so the high street chains will not feel like anything special. And as it is straight after Christmas I want to stay inside (in the warm) instead of rushing and getting coats sorted etc.

It is a once off. Firstly I am not taking her again until she is about 23 and then we will hit mcdonalds or she can pay Grin

Ohhh ghouls -hadn't thought of choccies too. Great idea.

I wonder if they will search my bag
Jam sandwiches
Posh choccies.

OP posts:
Pagwatch · 18/10/2011 16:54

Poor old frank. I have sone big old lady knickers that would have probably seen him off.

OP posts:
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