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Is anyone else doing music theory exams as an adult?

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mymumdom · 03/08/2011 20:09

I'm slogging through grade 3 atm, but am aiming to sit grade 4, then 5 so I can do my Grade 6 practical. I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat?

OP posts:
roisin · 03/08/2011 20:43

What books are you using? ds2 is doing theory at the moment and his teacher recommended using Trinity Books grades 1-4, as they're a bit more accessible than ABRSM.

I did my grade 5 many, many years ago; I don't know if it's changed or whether I've forgotten a lot! But I'm having to learn/re-learn some along with him. But he's picking it up very quickly.

He started doing it just before Christmas, is half way through the grade 4 book now and will do grade 5 in November.

mymumdom · 03/08/2011 21:52

I'm not having a problem understanding it as such. More struggling to be bothered to do it. But I will have a look at the trinity books if they are easier to understand.
I just wondered if I was the only adult theory learner out there. Or failing that, is anyone else aiming for grade 6 piano?

OP posts:
roisin · 03/08/2011 22:45

I'm toying with the idea of doing grade 6 piano, as I never got round to doing it. (did grade 5 very young, then got bogged down with theory and got fed up with it all).

The scales are pretty off-putting for grade 6 ABRSM piano though, don't you think?

ds2 does half an hour of theory a couple of times a week and is getting through it fine. Grades 1-3 are very easy, then it starts getting trickier.

mymumdom · 03/08/2011 22:59

The only extra scales you need to learn are your melodics, which I'm working my way through. Have read you need to practice up to 2 hours a day for Grade 6 though, that's put me off a bit.
I completely fluffed grade 5 too and only just passed, which makes me slightly nervous although, I know I should have done better.

OP posts:
roisin · 03/08/2011 23:06

I only just passed grade 5 too ... and that was over 20 years ago!
I play regularly now though still and in many ways am much better than I was then.

But I'd have to work hard on the technical stuff. I can't play all the grade 5 scales well at the moment. And hate the idea of doing melodics.

Hmm... Maybe I should commit: I need a challenge!

LondonChatterBox · 24/10/2011 15:58

I didn't do exams for any of the grades other than 5, which I passed with a merit, surprisingly! Have you had any luck yet?

SouthernandCross · 24/10/2011 16:03

Just finished Grade 3, Starting on Grade 4...Am having to fit it in Around Life and am not terribly motivated atm.

quirrelquarrel · 22/12/2011 08:30

This is an old thread, but you can do Grade 5 without much prior knowledge because you don't really need to understand it IYSWIM. I was working my way through 2 and 3, thought sod this for a lark, skipped to Grade 5 and got to grips with some of the key concepts there. Did have to learn key sigs for the first time though. Obviously only if you just want to get to Grade 6- I don't care about music except I like playing, but if you want to progress properly, best not to cut corners afterall.

valentinedelight · 15/07/2013 14:20

I have an excellent theory teacher. I know this is an old thread, but just in case someone reads this looking for an explanation. She is teaching my son at the moment. From being a boy who was not very keen on theory, he now absolutely loves it, and has just passed his grade three with 97% and is on track to take grade five in November. The teacher is based in Archway, but will be teaching in Notting Hill from September if we have enough students to make her travel time worthwhile. Do get in touch if you are interested. She has many adult pupils and they all thrive with her help. Her name is Louise - 0207 561 9757. You can email her at [email protected] She also has a little website you can take a look at which is

MrsFrederickWentworth · 27/07/2013 01:03

Ooh what a shame she is not south of the river, both Ds and I want to do theory. Does she have any clones?

Gunznroses · 27/07/2013 01:06

Please does anyone know a piano teacher in the herts area? To teach afult during school hrs. Ta!ta!

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