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Ideas for a new magazine

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inspired · 26/11/2005 23:51

I am planning to start a monthly magazine. The main aim will be to address work life balance issues (enterprise, career devt., motivation, life coaching in general), to encourage families to take up crafts hobbies and sports, to provide local businesses with a low cost form of advertising.

It's going to be distributed for free locally initially but may go regional. i have limited experience in magazines but have an interested investor. He mentioned something about the publishing industry chewing you up and spitting you out.

What I need help with is ideas on articles you would like to see monthly in such a publication.

All forms of advice will be most appreciated

OP posts:
collision · 27/11/2005 00:01

Ooh, Inspired! i think I may have what you are looking for! We are going into a magazine called Eclectic magazine which is a local free glossy magazine about things that are going on in the area. We are a fine dining restaurant and are advertising in it for a reduced rate!

If it is the sort of thing you think you might be interested in I could get a copy for you and post it on to you!

It isnt published yet but will be soon.

collision · 27/11/2005 00:12

Re-read what you said and dont think it is the same at all.


AussieSim · 27/11/2005 00:32

I would want to read a magazine that gives me things I can actually try to implement e.g., handy hints and tips, new strategies etc.

Here is an idea for an article. How about a kind of "it takes a village ..." approach to work/life balance. How to engage your family and friends etc to simultaneously have input into your children's upbringing in the community as well as giving you some free time to spend as a couple or put extra into your career. Kind of a more sophisticated 'baby-sitting club'. E.g., one weekend you take your children and their friends to the local attraction and the next weekend the friends parents do it.

I think modern parents have difficulty asking for help/cooperation out of not wanting to impose or being overly protective that other parents may not do things exactly the same way you would etc. I think that a bit of bartering can go a long way.

Last weekend I approached a neighbour that I had only every before nodded hello to, and asked him if he could put up some curtain brackets for me as I had noticed he seemed like a bit of a handyman (and my husband was decidedly not). When he came around to do it I tried to force a couple of bottles of wine on him without any success, but when I bumped into he and his wife later in the day (we live in a big apartment complex) they asked whether I could drop in and feed their cat a few days when they are away at christmas. Yippee! A great exchange has been negotiated.

baka · 30/11/2005 04:44

Have you seen inspiring ife? they sound similar

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