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Are there any actor / theatre types on here...?

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Enraha · 30/06/2011 22:08

This may be a complete long-shot, but I'd love to have a chat to anyone in this field.

Bit of background: I've re-ignited my interest in acting after ignoring it for the last 15 years while I did an oh-so-sensible corporate job. I've left that now and while I still freelance to keep the wolf from the door; for the first time in my life I feel somewhat inclined to follow my heart and try to make something of the acting thing. Ulp.

I've been taking some classes which have confirmed that I like doing it; have things I need to learn etc. I've got tons of question-marks and would love to chew the fat with people in the arts to reality-check a few things.

Well, not to make it ALL-ABOUT-ME, it's been really nice hanging out with my fellow students and as I have a summer break coming up, it would be lovely to re-create a bit of this online if anyone is remotely interested. I know it's a challenge to make it work with parenting too, so if there's anyone out there who fancies a bit of chat, make yourself known.

Aaargh, feel a bit of a dork doing this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained...

Have also chosen the serene backwater that is culture-vultures for this experiment. Hi.

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