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John Cage the Sounds of Silence

6 replies

JoolsToo · 14/10/2005 22:13

anyone got a copy?

I'd love to hear it.

[roll eyes]

OP posts:
nooka · 14/10/2005 22:38

I have. I can't say we have played it very much! We also have the one with the rebuilt piano (I think)

JoolsToo · 14/10/2005 22:54

does it build to a crescendo then?

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 14/10/2005 22:57

Does he indeed! Must be well fit then! Wish my dh would give me a crescendo every now and then!

nooka · 14/10/2005 22:57

Nope, as far as I remember it's just the sound of opening the piano, a long silence and then the sound of closing the piano. I don't think we have it any more, but we do have other CDs with silent tracks, and it can work really well.

HRHQoQ · 14/10/2005 22:58

I reckon that's where Song Catchers (on Cbeebies) got their idea from - listening to the sounds around and making music from it

nooka · 14/10/2005 22:58

Rhubarb you are really on form at the moment

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