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how to get cheap london theatre tickets please?

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triplets · 03/10/2005 10:49

I`d love to take my trio to the theatre in London, love to see Phantom or Lion King, anyone know how I can good tickets cheap? Also what does it mean by face value, seen it on some sites, its about £10 less than the asking price. Where are the best seats generally in a theatre?

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triplets · 09/10/2005 14:54

still hoping for a reply!

OP posts:
triplets · 09/10/2005 14:54

still hoping for a reply!

OP posts:
triplets · 09/10/2005 14:54

still hoping for a reply!

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triplets · 09/10/2005 14:55

still hoping for a reply!

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BaronessMarsLady · 09/10/2005 14:59

Hi triplets

gimme a second will look for a link for my fav theatre website which offers deals.

If you are happy to wait til after Christmas Ken Livingstone has a Get Into London deal which makes some theatre tickets as little as £15 for incredibly good seats.


BaronessMarsLady · 09/10/2005 15:01


ediemaybeabat · 09/10/2005 15:10

Hi triplets, generally the centre of the front row of the circle are the best seats in the house and give children a great view of the stage. Have a lovely time.

sharklet · 09/10/2005 20:24

HI Triplets,

Cheap theatre tickets for either Phantom or Lion King will be pretty hard to come by unless you know someone who works for the producer. They are both really popular shows who have no need to reduce their ticket price to get sales.

The cheapest way to get tickets is to buy the tickets direct from the theatre. With both shows this means going in person to the theatre's box office and buying the tickets over the counter (in advance) that way you will pay the face value of the ticket. The face value of a a ticket is box office jargon for the actual price of that ticket. Anything over that you pay is a booking fee or postal charge. If you buy from an agent or over the phone you will always pay a booking fee for those shows. As both are popular shows the booking fee will be high as the ticket agent will not be able to buy the tickets in bulk at a reduced rate so will charge a higher booking fee to make profit.

When I worked for Ticketmaster both those shows' telephone lines were answered by a booking agent on the theatre's behalf so even booking over the phone you would pay a fee.

If you want to buy cheap tickets in general for west end productions for one off you could try booking on the day through the society of london theatre's Half Price Ticket Booth in the Centre of leicester square (not the touts around the side) they have really good offers from half price upwards on many west end shows. Otyherwise look out for offers in things like the evening standard. Or if you intend on taking the family or going more than once in the year it may be worht joining a reduced ticket club like ticketmaster priority and see what offers they have on at present.

Good luck with it. Give me a shout if I can help with anything else.

Emma xxx

popmum · 09/10/2005 20:38

There is a two for one rail offer on at the mo: For these shows:

Blood Brothers
Les Miserables
Saturday Night Fever
The Far Pavilions
The Rat Pack
The Woman In Black
We Will Rock You
Woman In White

Actually there are more on the 2 for 1 site;

Have a look at 2for1 or my local train co

triplets · 09/10/2005 21:52

Hi and thank you, esp you sharklet, very good advice! We are still debating what to do as we wanted two days, but am struggling to find accomodation that we can afford, very difficlut to find rooms for 5! So will probably end up just going for a day in which case we won`t have time to see a show............

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BaronessMarsLady · 09/10/2005 22:58

I saw took the family to see The Lion King (2 adults and 2 kids) for £80. We've been 3 times. Also seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang etc. All tickets reduced for Kidsweek or Ken's Get Into London weeks.

I don't pay full price for the theatre.. never have. Last can have good deals occasionally.

Whenever a deal comes up I post a thread and link.

I hope you find something

triplets · 10/10/2005 08:56

Thank you, nothing affordable so far.

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sharklet · 10/10/2005 13:06

Hi Triplets,

Not sure how far you are travelling from - but have you thought of seeing a matinee? Your far more likely to be able to get cheap seats for a matinee. Although its still unlikely you'd get to see Phantom that way or Lion King. Phantom's matinee's are Tuesdays and Saturdays. Lion King's are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays if that helps.

We used to stay in B&B's on the outskirts of London rather than all the way in as its so expensive. There are some good B&B link pages on line to help you find something. Other than that have you tried its a way to book hotel rooms online for cheaper - the later you leave it in theory the cheaper the room - you can get some good deal as hotels list thier unbooked rooms to encourage some income rather than none, a bit like

Hope you find something.

Emma xx

crunchie · 11/10/2005 09:16

Sharklet sorry to crash Just wanted to check with you about hotel booking for London meetup. Could you check out this thread
and confirm you want a room and if you don't moind sharing.



sharklet · 11/10/2005 09:24

NO worries Crunchie - just replied.

Emma x

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