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RTKangaMummy · 10/09/2005 22:21




OP posts:
pootlepod · 10/09/2005 22:22

I am

Am PMSL at Northern Ireland shouting back 1-0!!!!

harpsichordcarrier · 10/09/2005 22:23

makes me - end of the summer

lucy5 · 10/09/2005 22:23

Me too, infact great minds think alike,. I've just started another thread but not in culture vultures.

RTKangaMummy · 10/09/2005 22:27

We drove past hyde park this afternoon there were sooooooooooo many people there

would love to go to RAH to last night of proms.

One of my cousins used to play in the orchestra, she played double bass, but a long time ago and so I was too young to go

I know what you mean about end of summer

OP posts:
Whizzz · 10/09/2005 22:29

no, we've been watching the 'top' ITV progs - it was dire !

pootlepod · 10/09/2005 22:30

We went once to the hyde park one- brilliant, took a picnic and wine and had a fab time.

Reminds me of child-free times!

Can't wait till LO is old enough to stay up and watch it as a special treat though! Will probably end up falling asleep halfway!

Vaunda · 10/09/2005 22:32

nah nah nah nah I am off to the Family prom in hyde park tomorrow afternoon.

Whizzz · 10/09/2005 22:32

I'll get my coat

lucy5 · 10/09/2005 22:33

and your umbrella too by the look of it

tarantula · 10/09/2005 22:34

Cant stand it TBH worse Prom of the lot. Some of the others were brilliant tho this year. Was some great music on.

pootlepod · 10/09/2005 22:35

We once saw a 'normal' prom- got box seats as it was DH's 30th- just watching where we sat!

Vaunda · 10/09/2005 22:35

I have 5 tickets courtesy of my DS's school. they were given 10 tickets and i was the only one who wanted to go other than one of the teachers and the head lol. will be a great day if we all turn up. so there will be....
mum, me, ds, dh, ds's sperm donor, yr5 teacher n her b'f, the head and 2 of his daughters.

lucy5 · 10/09/2005 22:35

It makes me nostalgic about England.

netter · 10/09/2005 23:14

We've been watching it but switched to the NI prom for a while as a friend of dh's was singing in it.

jura · 11/09/2005 17:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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