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Some poetry for you all.

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Vaunda · 08/09/2005 11:14

A brand new day

Pain searing through me
wishing they could see
all the warm cosy families around
all they hear are the sounds.
scream I cry I beg him why?

What have I done to you to make you this way
Why am i so weak why do I stay?
Smiling the world can see I love him and him me
Back home the smiles will fade
I will suffer for another day

I hate this life all battered and torn
Maybe tomorrow when a new day dawns.....
Tomorrow has come the same again
I don't know how long i can hide this pain

"Don't hurt my mummy" a small voice cries
As on the floor his mummy lies
I am hearing my son I can't move to him
too weak to crawl to tired to stand
after being at the fate of this evil man

A new day is coming
My sons voice is drumming
22 months old and so wise you see
"Daddy don't hit Mummy, please daddy instead hit me"

my son is too precious for me to stay here
I must take him away where danger is not near
I will pack his bags and tell him to go
It will be very hard this i already know.

The new day is here
I brush aside a tear
a tear for my failings
for staying so long
A tear for my sons loss.
I walk in our bedroom and say
"i want you to go, you need to leave"
If you feel anything for us you'll go please"
Anger emerges, i call the police
They take him away....

Now begins a brand new day....................

© Vaunda Hoscik-Shesha

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