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Who got the Mercury music prize?

6 replies

meggymoo · 06/09/2005 21:44

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
lou33 · 06/09/2005 21:54

It's still on tv, bbc2 i think

Bellie · 06/09/2005 22:19

On BBC4 and the winner is......

Antony and the Johnsons

snafu · 06/09/2005 22:20


lou33 · 06/09/2005 22:26

Sorry i did mean to say bbc4, honest!

meggymoo · 06/09/2005 22:34

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Heathcliffscathy · 06/09/2005 22:35

knew they would go leftfield after populist franz ferdinand last quite pleased actually, his stuff sounds really interesting from what i've heard which is the whole big point thing of mercury...

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