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Culture vultures

a brilliant website about UK museum and galleries

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treacletart · 30/08/2005 19:35

Just thought I should pass on this great (and totally uncommercial) site to all Mumsnet Culture Vultures 24 Hour Museum . They have a wonderful kids site too

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hunkermunker · 30/08/2005 19:40

Fantastic! Thanks for that - looks great!

philippat · 30/08/2005 19:43

kid's version

family friendly museum events in Manchester

family friendly museum events in West Midlands

[all non commercial, by the way]

treacletart · 30/08/2005 20:14

Glad you like them, I used to work there so have to admit to a little bias.

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philippat · 30/08/2005 21:28

for 24hr museum? were you staff or freelance researcher? I met Jon Pratty the other day, although admittedly slightly bizarre meeting.

treacletart · 30/08/2005 22:06

staff for 3 years, but left and went freelance at Christmas. do CAT me if you like...

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