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Urgent Help Required - Redundancy/Retirement Poem for tomorrow!!!!

Janbo25 · 16/07/2009 18:36

Hi possibly a strange request, I am after some help and guidance my mother in law is having a leaving party at work tomorrow along with a few of her colleagues who are also leaving, however it appears the other families have all wrote a poem about there family member and so it's become an expectation of us to do so to!

This is where we get stuck lol!! I am willing to pay someone cash if they can provide assistance with this tonight I have some ideas but need pointing in the right direction, we'd like something lighthearted but still with a nice message.


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tyotya · 17/07/2009 14:08

You're on the brink of freedom
No need to catch the train
No smiling when you're simmering
Goodbye to stress and strain!

You've loads of time for shopping
Hobbies, housework, letters bland
Perhaps a little cordon bleu
And furnishings more grand . . .

But sadly people see this
It gives them big ideas
You'll find them on your guest list
For the next 10,000 years.

Good luck with you retirement!

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semi · 27/08/2009 14:35

Good luck with you retirement! ...
It really will be fun
When you look back in 20 years
You'll realise life's just begun

Extract from every minute of the day
Something wonderful to grow your mind
Good luck with your retirement
Life now will be kind!

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