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Advice needed - blurb request trauma

Princessmononoky · 12/10/2018 10:10

Would appreciate advice from anyone who has been through hitherto unknown hell of requesting blurbs. On advice of my agent, I approached an acquaintance who is a successful novelist to ask (politely and acknowledging in advance that I knew they were busy) if they would be able to look at my novel and potentially (and I did state potentially) offer an endorsement - acquaintance agreed in an apparently keen manner, but then never got back to me. I prodded after the vaguely agreed deadline of 4 weeks (which was maybe a bit optimistic) and got profuse apology that had not had time yet, how many requests she gets in a week (up to 20 - a lot I guess) but she'd read ASAP. 3 weeks further and still nothing. Don't really want to prod again, as don't want to appear like a mad stalker, but to be honest I'd just rather be told if she just doesn't have time or just didn't like it enough to endorse (which would be fair enough).

So my question for anyone who has been through this process is, is it accepted that if someone doesn't want to endorse your book they just don't get back to you and you draw your own conclusions? I just expected an answer one way or another and in the absence of one have been left drawing conclusion that my work is complete crap and too embarrassing to have to comment on! Do I just need to let this go and move on??

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