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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

toddler bed for travelling

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sliceofcake · 25/02/2010 11:21

We are going away for a week and need to take a bed for DS (3 years). I've seen this bed in a bag which looks good but pricey, and this ready bed which also seems ok.
Any other ideas? What do you use?

OP posts:
tiggergirl · 25/02/2010 12:48

the family i work for have ready beds they stay inflated really well our been up 2 weeks the covers are fit one side open the other and covers come off really easily to wash and so comfortable ( i fell asleep on it last night when i babysat

sliceofcake · 25/02/2010 14:29

thanks tiggergirl, may try one of them - wasn't sure how steady they were so good to know they are ok!

OP posts:
Aranea · 25/02/2010 14:32

We had a readybed for dd1. It wasn't a 'first' readybed, so it didn't have the inflatable sides, which may have affected things - but when she rolled over in the night it flipped over and trapped her underneath! She was not happy.

Habbibu · 25/02/2010 14:33

We have this for dd, who's 3. It's very good, she sleeps really well on it, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the GLTC one. The "my first" ones aren't as sturdy, and are small - this one will last you much longer.

Aranea · 25/02/2010 14:35

PS we now just use a snuggle sac on a mattress for her. If no mattress, we take a camping mattress, one of those thin inflating ones.

sliceofcake · 25/02/2010 18:01

good idea with the snugglesac and mattress Aranea- can also imagine DS not pleased to be underneath his readybed!
Habbibu, can't see what you are linking too, but dying to know now!

OP posts:
EssenceOfJack · 25/02/2010 19:01

The ready beds are comfy for the child, DD1 has slept in one at IL's for about a year, since she was just turned 3. HOWEVER, they fart. Seriously, if your DC is a fidget every time they roll over the bed will fart at you.
Faintly amusing for the first few nights but after 4 days you will want to kill it.

We have replaced it with her old cot mattress, her pillow and a fleecey sleeping bag from Primark for £3.

Habbibu · 25/02/2010 19:54

Oh, sorry! here - but it's just a ready bed...

sliceofcake · 25/02/2010 20:53

thanks Habbibu, I searched on the Argo website when I couldn't see your link, and found the same one - loads of good reviews, so think that is what I'll go for. No mention of farting noises so think will be ok, but thanks for the warning EoJ!!

OP posts:
EssenceOfJack · 26/02/2010 18:15

It could just be ours mind, but damn, it's irritatin

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