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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

What is your sleeping situation for your baby?

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SELE97 · 12/12/2023 10:58

So I'm a bit overwhelmed.
I just want to know is it necessary to get all of these items as it seems like a lot?

So at the moment my plan is :

  1. Moses basket/SnuzBaskit in the living room for daytime naps
  2. Obviously baby needs somewhere to sleep in the day when I'm downstairs, I also have a small dog and like that the baby will be safely out of the way of the dog.
  3. Moses baskets are more affordable but I like that the SnuzBaskit is stronger so I can move my baby from room to room with me downstairs without waking them. Am I overhthinking this?
  4. Travel cot for living room for daytime naps
  5. Obviously moses baskets can't be used for very long so when baby outgrows it I'm planning to have a travel cot in the living room that will last them longer for daytime naps. I have reduced mobility so carrying baby up the stairs to nap in their room once they're old enough would be a struggle for me.
  6. Tutti Bambini cozee bedside crib for my bedroom at nightime
  7. This will be in my bedroom from day 1, I'm having a c section so unsure whether we will use it as a standalone or next to me crib yet.
  8. Again can only be used until 6 months old and I want to keep baby in my room overnight for as long as possible, so unsure what to do when they outgrow this too. Do I move their crib from their nursery into my bedroom until they're older and can sleep in their own room?
  9. Cot bed for their nursery and for when they're sleeping in their own room
  10. I'm going to get a cot bed that transfers into a toddler bed for their nursery

So I'm thinking technically my baby will have 4 sleeping spaces (moses basket/snuzbaskit, travel cot, next to me crib, nursersy cot bed). Is this overkill? I don't know whether there is a way I could cut these down? I feel like if I got a travel cot downstairs from birth, baby would be lost in such a big cot. Same as upstairs if I just use the cot bed from birth I can't imagine a newborn sleeping in such a big cot. Also I've thought about having the newborn sleep in their pram in the house during the day instead of a moses basket, however I don't think this would work for us. Our house is not very accessible there are lots of steps that lead down to our home which would make taking a pram down those steps impossible especially with my reduced mobility. I was planning to keep the pram in the car as I wouldn't ever be taking baby anywhere in the pram without driving first anyway, and then using a baby carrier/sling to transport them in and out of the house. I feel like with the steps this is the safest option for me.

Sorry I know I'm probably overthinking this but because I'm disabled I'm just trying to think of the easiest way to do things. If I have to buy all 4 sleeping spaces thats fine I just don't want to go overboard if I don't have to. Any suggestions?
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Brightandbreezey · 12/12/2023 12:44

When my baby was first born we had a bedside cot and Moses basket for downstairs. And a sling.
But in all honesty my newborn mostly slept on me/partner/family member in the day. And after about 1 week of painfully trying to lift baby up to feed in the night from a bed side cot I switched to co sleeping. I had a c section as well and I don’t want to worry you but the recovery can be hard.
If you are planning on breastfeeding look into how to feed lying down and safely sleep alongside your baby (lullaby trust).
We used the cot in the day just to put her down (awake) whilst I got dressed/did a few jobs!! And slings are great to be able to move around and get a few jobs done while they sleep as well (if this is an option for you).
You may get lucky and have a baby that is ok sleeping in a cot. My little one is all about contact sleeps!!
If I were you I wouldn’t worry about the nursery side just yet (especially as you said you want your baby in with you for as long as possible).

NoCloudsAllowed · 12/12/2023 12:52

I had C section and couldn't carry anything like a moses basket around. And baby rarely slept anywhere other than on or next to me.

I'd have a sling, a next to me and a moses basket or sleepy head thing for next to your bed.

I wouldn't worry about a cot bed just yet. Plenty of time for that later.

I got most things second hand and saved a bomb - just got new mattresses.

SELE97 · 12/12/2023 13:08

@Brightandbreezey thank you great advice! :) My partner will be home for the first 2 weeks but after that he's back to working away Monday- Friday so it will be just me and baby after first 2 weeks. How long roughly did it take you to recover from c section? I'm not planning on breadtfeeding due to medical reasons so I'm hoping my partner can help out with night bottle feeds for the first couple of weeks. I know it sounds a bit silly but haven't really looked into co-sleeping because our dog sleeps at the bottom of our bed and would be a pain if we tried moving her sleeping space, so wanted baby in a cot next to us. Do you think using the next 2 me crib as a standalone next to our bed would be easier to get in and out of bed post c section?

Good to know about the contact sleeping though, I think a sling will be a life saver for me.

OP posts:
SELE97 · 12/12/2023 13:10

@NoCloudsAllowed I didn't even think about being able to carry a moses basket around post c section! When I've looked into second hand + a new mattress the price isn't far off a brand new one, but I'll keep looking to save some money. Thank you for the advice! :)

OP posts:
Caspianberg · 12/12/2023 13:19

We had a next to me co-sleeper next to bed. I found it rubbish tbh. Awkward to get in and out of bed whilst holding baby.
Moved main cot bed into our room from 3-12 months.

used pram carrycot downstairs.

I would use travel cot downstairs. Get one that has higher newborn part. - like this.

Then snuz baskit upstairs. With cot bed afterwards. No bedside crib. Just have basket near bed or away. If disability issues away will be easier for you to move around and partner to reach, plus basket not connected to bed so can be easily moved to another room if one of you wants better sleep. I gave the next to me away and would buy snuz baskit in future if w have another

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kernowpicklepie · 12/12/2023 13:25

I had the tutti bambini for both mine and actually it lasted until about 9 months with DD when she slept in it.
DS wasn't in it much.
I didn't bother with a Moses basket but had the Nuna sena travel cot for downstairs, quite large but doubles up as a play pen when they're bigger. It also has the newborn insert so doesn't feel too massive for them.
DS was born 5 weeks early and we weren't home so my mum bought a Moses basket for him while we had to stay there (he was in NICU for 2 weeks). We took it home and he did a few naps in it but not really and it didn't last him long.

But, both DD and DS contact napped either just. On me or in a sling/carrier and never used the travel cot downstairs. It was used as a play pen when I needed to put them somewhere safe though.
DD didn't sleep in the next to me that often (she'd start the night in it and then end up with me) and DS had bad reflux so was never in it. We co-slept with both 🤣

Definitely get a sling because it will likely save your sanity when they won't nap anywhere but on you, especially for the first 3/4 months.

Brightandbreezey · 12/12/2023 13:36

My c section did take quite a while to recover from but this was mainly due to my baby having to go into hospital shortly after birth and I wasn’t able to rest at all - ended up with an infection. But this doesn’t happen to everyone!! I would just make sure you rest up as much as possible whilst your partner is off and if you have any family/friends close by make sure you get help!
Slings are an absolute life saver… I still use mine and she’s 10 months. Babies love sleeping on/close. It’s normal and natural and to be honest I love having her close to me too!
Co-sleeping isn’t for everyone for lots of reasons.. . So if it doesn’t work for you I am sure you will find something that does! Other people might have better advice with cots/next to mes as I gave up on mine very early on! 😂

Garman · 12/12/2023 13:42

In bed with me, Moses basket in sitting room just for the first couple of weeks but barely slept in it, carrycot of buggy.

welshweasel · 12/12/2023 13:58

We had next to me crib attached to the bed for nighttime. During the day we used combination of sling/lying on me/sleepyhead/pram carrycot/playmat/swing chair! Once they outgrew the next to me they went into a cot in their own room.

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