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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

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Chicco next to me forever

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DreamOn86 · 08/12/2023 22:55

Hi all.
Got a 9 plus months old baby girl who keeps bashing her head on the wooden cot.
I previously posted abt this as im not deciding between getting the Chicco nect to
me forever now that she s almost 10 months.
Ideally i would have got a mattress for her travel cot but the level is too low i wouldnt be able to put her safely when she s asleep.

Anyone got the Chicco next to me forever? Did u find it worth the money? Do u think its worth getting it now that she s 10 months old almost? And did u find it to be small?


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FTMat42 · 10/01/2024 16:25

Curious what you did in the end? I’m wondering about buying that for my chunky baby who’s about to be too big for his Snuzpod but not ready to be in another room!

DreamOn86 · 11/01/2024 10:38

@FTMat42 no i didnt get it. Im still using her travel cot ( nuna sena air) which isnt ideal as its mattress isnt sitting completely in it.
trying to resolve the issue with nuna but its taking ages!! And they r insisting that its not for everyday use even though i spoke to the lullaby trust and they r the one who suggested using the travel cot permanently for now until she stop bumping herself.

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DreamOn86 · 11/01/2024 10:39

@FTMat42 also abt the chicco, i read that if its attached to your bed then u cannot close the lip and if it isnt attached then u cannot keep it open even if u wanted just to carry ur baby easier abd then close it again!

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