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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

Mattress dilemma

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SushiAndSkittles · 05/12/2023 21:00

Hi all

My SIL has kindly offered to lend us her Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib as her daughter has grown out of it. My baby is due in January and as per the Lullaby Trust website and advice from our Health Visitor we want to purchase a new mattress for it.
The mattress on the Tutti Bambini website has mixed reviews which has made me a little unsure

However, because of the silly dimensions (83x52cm) we are struggling to find a highly rated mattress of the same size… they all seem to be 50cm wide.

Just wondered if anyone had any advice - do I get the Tutti Bambini one or do you think a mattress that’s 2cm smaller would be ok?

CoZee Bedside Crib - Mattress

Mattress Size: 83 x 52cm x 3cm Weight: 2kg Sku: BAM/DL50 Age Suitability: From Birth to 6 Months approximately Safety: Complies with BS EN 1130 *Please note, earlier batches of the CoZee Bedside Crib may not accommodate this mattress size. If you alrea...

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InTheRainOnATrain · 05/12/2023 21:11

You don’t want gaps so I’d get the manufacturer one that’s the correct size. I wouldn’t worry about people complaining that it’s thin- have you ever seen a travel cot mattress because they are literal boards yet babies still manage to sleep safely and soundly on them! Then that other reviewer seems confused about whether or not it fitted her older crib, presuming you’ve double checked that it’s the right size for yours then you can ignore that one.

cocunut · 05/12/2023 21:24

Baby mattresses are supposed to be thin for safe sleep reasons, I would go with the one that comes with the cot

RichTea63 · 05/12/2023 21:58

We got one the exact dimensions for our tutti bambini on ebay...have you looked there? It was great, and it was new not 2nd hand.

SushiAndSkittles · 08/12/2023 09:23

Thanks everyone

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