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TUTTI BAMBINI COZEE - replacement mattress doesn't fit??

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MaryCh17 · 07/10/2020 07:04


We had a Cozee for our first and no problems but I've since got the coir replacement mattress and it doesn't fit any of the tutti bambini cozee branded sheets or mattress protector we used originally. It causes the mattress to bunch up and not be smooth and flat as per safety guidance. I also measured the mattress and it measures at 84x53cm NOT 80.5x51cm as marked.
Is it just our version or has anyone else had the same?

OP posts:
LynzD · 17/02/2021 16:37

Did you ever manage to resolve this issue? We have just washed the cover for our new coir mattress which we recently bought for our older Cozee crib and have the exact same issue. Had to really squeeze the cover back on and now the mattress is lumpy! I'm due in 2 weeks time and now so unsure on what to do about this. I have sent a complaint to Tutti Bambini but don't expect to get far with it.

Hum88 · 29/11/2021 10:51

Hi ladies, I’ve just had the same issue ! I used the tutti cozee for first baby and just received the new fibre mattress that I ordered for upcoming new baby but it’s too small for the crib and there’s a gap about 2 fingers big between mattress and end of the bed. Did either of your issue get resolved? Not sure what to do as ordered my new tutti mattress from wayfair and due date is tomorrow!!!

violetfern · 11/02/2022 21:29

Jumping on an old thread but wondered if anyone had any outcome re this? Just had exactly same issue, have resorted to removing the mattress protector while waiting to speak to someone from tutti bambini. Causes mattress to bunch up and become really lumpy especially at one end.

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