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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

What bedside crib/cosleeper did you use and would you recommend it?

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SerBrienneOfHouseTarth · 25/03/2020 18:56

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bedside crib and struggling to decide on which one to buy so am hoping you can help!

I specifically want one I can put the side down so I can comfort baby but then put it back up to sleep. Budget friendly is a must!

I have found two Kinderkraft ones, the Uno and the Neste but there are limited reviews and it's not clear if you can raise and lower the side without unattaching it from the bed frame. The difference between them is not clear either. Have any of you used these, or other side sleepers and what are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance x

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SerBrienneOfHouseTarth · 02/04/2020 12:16

Bumping in hope of a reply! Smile

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Melinda76 · 02/04/2020 12:21

Hi we used a Snuzpod. Some good secondhand ones around if you don't want to buy brand new. My daughter was in it for well over a year as she was quite small. Would definitely recommend.

SerBrienneOfHouseTarth · 02/04/2020 22:54

Thank you @Melinda76! Can you put the side up and down on a Snuzpod without unattaching it from the side of your bed?

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Megan2018 · 02/04/2020 22:58

Tutti Bambini Cozee

It’s a great product as can raise one end and loads of storage underneath. I paid £60 2nd hand and got a new mattress for £20.

However my baby has never slept in it as she decided she would bed share HmmGrin

Melinda76 · 05/04/2020 09:17

Hi yes you can it has a mesh side with zips at either end so just unzip take baby out and then rezip 👍 you can also use the crib part as aoses basket it's detachable.

SerBrienneOfHouseTarth · 06/04/2020 11:42

Thanks both! Smile

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JanewaysBun · 12/05/2020 23:53

Next2me dream.
Really spacious and love that you can sneak the side up if baby consents to sleep in the cot Grin2v

dellacucina · 12/05/2020 23:54

Another vote for Snuzpod!

RossPoldarksWife · 12/05/2020 23:59

Tutti Bambini
Brilliant, side zips down, easy to put back up. So easy to put up and take away. Shelf underneath is brilliant. Bought one for my grand daughter when they stay here, daughter took it home with her!

Minzz · 18/05/2020 21:53

Tutti bambini Cozee

I nearly brought the SnüzPod but then I went to the baby show and saw all the bedside cribs laid out and was able to compare them. So many people were looking at the tutti bambini. It’s much wider so baby is less like to bump into side, it felt really sturdy, had nice fabrics with detachable inner layer that you can wash, also a great tilt feature and storage under bed.

em90792 · 27/05/2020 21:37

Im looking into these, ive always used a moses basket but considering one of these for baby due soon.
Do they attach to the bed? I'm worried baby could roll out? What stops this happening?

Minzz · 27/05/2020 23:21

@em90792 yes the tutti bambini has one side that zips down but stops a few inches above the bottom which creates a little flap. Have a look at some pics if you can. And there is also a belt that you can use to attach to bed

QforCucumber · 27/05/2020 23:24

We have the next2me dream. Its fab.

Karwomannghia · 27/05/2020 23:25

Snuzpod. Looked lovely and nice size next to the bed but wasn’t great for a very Very pukey baby. We had the hair mattress and it was hard to clean properly as well as the fabric sides.
I would just get a cot and put it up next to the bed with the side off.

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