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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

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Chicco next to me dream

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Arti2019 · 30/07/2019 06:08

Hi everyone

I've just set this up in co-sleeping mode ready for baby to come home, and I am a bit puzzled as it's not what I was expecting. I was expecting a sort of 'expansion of my mattress', but if I line the bottom of the Chicco mattress up with my mattress as per the instructions, the baby's bed is lower than mine as the mattress is a lot thinner...if I line the top of the Chicco mattress up with my mattress there is a bar separating my bed and the baby's bed which cannot be removed as far as I can tell.

The whole reason I bought the Chicco is so that I can breastfeed in bed without having to carry the baby in and out to save my back, and it seems to be defeating the purpose. I imagined being able to reach over and scoop him up in my arms and put him to the breast, and I wouldn't be able to do that on either setting.

Am I installing it wrong? Or missing something? Or do I just have an over-romantic view of what having a co-sleeper would be like?
Or maybe an overly romantic view of breastfeeding in bed?

FTM so any tips appreciated!

OP posts:
WBWIFE · 30/07/2019 06:13

No there is a lip for safety reasons. So baby doesn't roll down between your mattress and theirs. You're installing it right

WBWIFE · 30/07/2019 06:15

Like this

Chicco next to me dream
Goodebe · 30/07/2019 06:16

I think you need the baby’s bed lower than yours, so that there is no lip if you see what I mean, otherwise they can get their head trapped. It’s not going to be a level surface... it’s still easier to get baby in and out than having a Moses basket or high sided crib. Some people have put two mattress in to raise the baby side, but I’m not sure this would be recommended.

Arti2019 · 30/07/2019 09:04

Ah that makes sense, although if it's flush against the mattress this would seem unlikely.

That picture still shows that the baby mattress and lip are quite level though, and the baby is level with the parent bed, whereas ours baby mattress is a good 10 inches below the lip and therefore about 25 inches below our bed. Looking at the mechanism its definitely open as much as we can open it.
Our mattress is quite thick so maybe we can raise the chicco a bit, so that the difference is only 10 inces, its not what I wanted from a bed but maybe it'll do.

OP posts:
26mcjrfm · 30/07/2019 09:07

10-25 inches?? Wow

Arti2019 · 30/07/2019 09:08

Yep, no idea how to post a picture but not at all what I pictured from looking at videos of the chicoo!

OP posts:
26mcjrfm · 30/07/2019 09:10

25 inches is around 64cm, you sure that’s right? Can you adjust the mattress level higher?

NavyBerry · 30/07/2019 09:10

Oh it would be interesting to see what it looks like in reality. I wanted to buy one for our next baby. Sounds like it is not what it is advertised...

Arti2019 · 30/07/2019 09:20

I can make the chicco higher so now the lip is level with the top of our mattress. The instructions say not to do that but all the photos from reviewers etc show that's how they installed it. This still means the baby is 10inches below our bed but it's not as bad. Mattress height cant be adjusted, I think that photo @WBWIFE found is very misleading and I think the only way to get partway to that would be a second mattress

OP posts:
Celebelly · 30/07/2019 10:10

We have this and no way is baby that far down! She is level with my mattress. Do you have an unusual bed frame or mattress? Ours looks like the pic posted above. Unfortunately she's now detached as we are in process of moving her to her own room so I can't take a photo, but will check and see if I've got one from when she came home from hospital.

Celebelly · 30/07/2019 10:18

We do have a mattress topper and waterproof cover on the mattress though.

WBWIFE · 30/07/2019 10:38

That photo is exactly how mine is so isn't misleading. I think you might be doing something wrong..

Arti2019 · 02/08/2019 22:50

@WBWIFE thank you...I don't know what I could be doing wrong as the 'lip' and the baby's mattress aren't level like in that picture, so it wouldn't matter what mattess I have. I will take another look when I get home (currently living in NICU with baby) but unless I get a thicker baby mattress I'm not sure what else to do!

OP posts:
popcorndiva · 02/08/2019 22:57

Do you have a very high bed? We had the same issue but I didn't want to use it as a co sleeper. I purchased it because it would last longer than a moses basket for our 9lber and had the option to tilt which was great for reflux in the first few months.

On the highest setting there was no way it would be level but I could look down on him as still had it next to the bed.

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