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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

Help me with obaby/precious little ones

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onehundredacrewoods · 24/03/2017 13:12

We bought a cotbed and matching wardrobe 9ish months ago from precious little ones. Total cost around five hundred pounds.
Our son went into his room about 6 weeks ago at 4 months old. We noticed around this time that lots of white paint was peeling from one leg at the bottom of the cot. Fine we though, obaby have a 5 year warranty and we've registered our furniture with them - so we will call them.
We called obaby who said this furniture was discontinued (despite being sold in lots of shops still) so they told us we would have to deal with precious little ones direct.
Precious little ones have liaised with obaby and for some reason we had a wardrobe panel delivered to us around a week ago which A. Was the wrong part and B. They didn't inform us they were sending, so it's been stuck in our lounge for over a week but that's by the by!
Anyhow, precious little ones are now saying that as obaby cannot send us a replacement cot part as they are discontinued that the most they will offer me is a twenty pound refund on a two hundred pound cot.
Surely they can't do this?
The cot is dangerous as when you touch the leg more paint flakes off, and if my son were to put flakes in his mouth he could choke.
They refuse to replace the cot or offer me a refund.
We wanted this furniture to last 5 years and it's not even lasted our son 5 months.
We can't afford to buy another cot the same as they're £225 and we want the same as it matches our wardrobe.
Obaby still make the cot that we have but they have just changed the name from Lincoln to Stamford. Obaby and precious little ones are refusing to send us part of the Stamford even though they are identical or even just replace outright with a Stamford cot.
So basically they won't replace the part or the cot or refund me. All I've been offered is twenty pounds for a faulty, dangerous, expensive cot, despite it having a 5 year warranty and only being 9 months old.
Can anyone advice please? Thank you.

OP posts:
onehundredacrewoods · 24/03/2017 13:43

Update - a nice lady from obaby has agreed to deal with precious little ones to try and get this resolved!

OP posts:
Wannabehermit · 24/03/2017 13:49

Not a fan of precious little ones after the brakes broke on a double buggy that i bought from them after a fortnight. Their response was to send me all the parts to dismantle the back axle of the buggy so i could fix it. I think they should have replaced the buggy.

onehundredacrewoods · 24/03/2017 14:19

Wannabe that doesn't sound great. Luckily obaby have sorted my issue within 35 mins today after precious little ones have messed around for 3 weeks. New cot coming next week Star

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Sweetpeabec · 09/10/2017 20:50

Bought a nursery set from precious little ones after more than a month of a run around with when it will be delivered i finally got hold of a very unhelpful customer service girl and got a refund. Would not buy from them again.

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