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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

baby mattress saftey??

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hippy3 · 06/02/2011 14:19

right,... is there a specific thing I should be looking for when buying a mattress for a cot bed...

I have been looking at the packages on Kiddicare, they are very reasonably priced... is this a safe website to buy from? or should I be sticking with mothercare or another well known please......! Smile

OP posts:
ApuskiDusky · 06/02/2011 17:15

Kiddicare is a good company, and reliable. Probably more reliable than Mothercare at times!

OADCB · 06/02/2011 17:20

Just make sure it's the right size!

mama2alex · 06/02/2011 22:40

I agree, Kiddicare ship their orders the same day! Have never had any probs with them (and have with Mothercare)!

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