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This topic is for discussing cots and beds. We've spent weeks researching and testing newborn beds in real homes with real families.

Cots and beds

Cot beds, Cot or Travel cots?

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numumma · 23/09/2010 11:34

Hi im a first time mum who needs some advice about where is the best place to put a baby to sleep. I have been given a moses basket but have been told that babies grow out of them quickly and living in a one bedroom flat im not not sure whether to buy a cot bed, cot or a travel cot and use it until I move to a bigger home. Any suggestions please?

OP posts:
AliWanderCat · 23/09/2010 15:20

Hi numumma,
I'm quite new to parenting but can tell you about my experience. Our DD is nearly 10 weeks old and we have just moved her from a basket to a cot bed. I was surprised how quickly she grew out of her basket but don't regret having had one. I think she found it very comforting and secure. Even now she looks tiny in her cot bed. (a cot would be smaller). We did consider using a travel cot between the basket and cot bed but decided not to because of my bad back (a long way to lean) and the thin travel cot mattress. The cot bed does take up a lot of space in our bedroom but she's definitely close to us! As you have been given the basket I would be tempted to give it a try. We had a rocking stand for ours which she found very soothing in the first weeks. Good luck and best wishes.

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