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FrenchBoule · 08/12/2021 11:57

I’m always chasing best deals I could possibly have with staple foods- buying in bulk when on offer, happy to get reduced stuff and so on.

I’m just trying to get the best value for money whenever I can (yes I downgraded brands where I could as per MSE instructions).

I remember a few years back that there would be lots of things on the offer in January. There was literally nothing,everything was full price.

What do you do to get the most for your money?
I occasionally shop at Lidl/Aldi as they are too far away and don’t do deliveries (saving would be swallowed by cost of journey).
Any other tricks that I might have missed?

OP posts:

EarlyCalenderCh0c0 · 17/12/2021 08:28

We use the food waste reduction app "Too Good to go" You can see food from various local places, you have to collect yourself & some places have time slots to collect.


EarlyCalenderCh0c0 · 17/12/2021 08:29

Our Coop seems to sell the most yellow sticker reduced price food. Best to look after 17:30


Grandadwasthatyou · 17/12/2021 08:33

I'm also a regular user of Too Good To Go. It lists all the outlets in your chosen radius, eg local Spar, Costa, Greggs etc and you reserve a "magic bag" which is paid for online, usually about a third of the cost.
You then collect it after a certain time once they've checked their sell by dates. It's a lucky dip but has been well worth it for what I got.


whywouldntyou · 17/12/2021 08:39

Have loyalty cards. I get vouchers from all the stores leading up to Christmas and I use the ones that give me most off. Waitrose 20%, Tesco 5% and cutting the voucher from the Lidl's mag gets 20% I think. Morrison's yellow stickers I find best, you can get some SERIOUS bargains if you time it right.


EarlyCalenderCh0c0 · 17/12/2021 11:13

Coop also does a loyalty/point scheme
Which gives you money off purchases


thesnailandthewhale · 21/12/2021 17:22

I have posted about this before, am quite fanatical about it actually ... I use the apps Shopmium and Checkoutsmart. I check them before going shopping and use any of the offers that are free or half price if its an item I'd normally buy.

Basically you buy the item, take a pic of your receipt and then get the money back. I have a referral code for shopmium if you are interested - I get £3 credit per referral, you get a free item when you do your first offer, currently I think it is a tube of Pringles . My referral code is ACMUMGUE, it can be used multiple times, so worth letting your friends know about it once you've signed up.
Checkoutsmart doesn't have a referral scheme but is a good app, very similar to Shopmium but rather than paying it straight to your bank account it builds up and you can cash out at £5.


ChristmasCatBells · 14/01/2022 09:01

I used all the supermarkets offers of money off for first time delivery order. I think I got about £150 off in total but not sure they still do these deals anymore following covid.

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