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Covid and sore eye lids help!

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Lisad1231981 · 16/11/2022 20:58

After nearly 3 years, the first year shielding, covid has hit our house.
DH caught it but is classed as CEV so he got antiviral IV meds on day one and has recovered. Me and Dd1 now have it. I have been in bed since Sunday. Feeling pretty rough but meds are taking the edge off. However, the thing I'm struggling is, my eye lids are killing me, like stupidly sore. Anyone had this and can recommend a good treatment please?
DD1 is also very poorly with it 😢

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HelpfulJane · 16/11/2022 21:28

Try putting a warm compress over your eyes periodically throughout the day and see if that helps relieve the pressure.

Get well soon 🙏

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