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COVID and UTI issues

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JohnNutLips · 25/09/2022 13:31

Hiya, just wondering if anyone has developed a UTI or bladder issues while having COVID?
I’m not sure whether there’s a link or it’s just bad luck…
tested positive for COVID last Sunday following cold like symptoms (cough, achy, headache) started to feel a bit better and returned to work (from home) on Thursday. Thursday afternoon I got sudden stabbing pain in the right side of my abdomen, lasted for a couple of hours and didn’t improve with paracetamol. The pain went from my side down into my pelvis. Since then the side pain has been intermittent but I have a constant feeling of needing to wee. I thought maybe I had cystitis so got 3 days of antibiotics from pharmacy - I finish those today and they haven’t made any difference. Wee isn’t cloudy and it doesn’t sting to go… just a horrible crampy side pain and the feeling I need to go all the time. I’m so fed up of feeling like this and wondered if anyone had experienced the same.

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