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Should one rest with covid and fever?

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SummersBreeze · 07/07/2022 13:38

I have a suspected close contact from last week. He had sinitus or a cold last week. I heard it in his voice. He said he was testing negative.

Then on Monday I found a fever. All day Monday I found a fever. 38.3 to 39.3. I have a different condition so I thought it was that flaring.

I had a fever free day on Tuesday.

Yesterday morning I had a fever of 38.1 and that responded to paracetamol.

I was encouraged to test for covid and I did and it was positive.

The fever stayed away all day yesterday after the morning. I felt well enough to do jobs and go for a walk.

Then I found another fever last night again. I am just wondering if exertion contributed to another fever and should I be resting in case I fever up again?

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misskatamari · 09/07/2022 15:48

Yes, rest rest rest. I find it a really up and down illness, and it's easy to push yourself too much when you feel relatively okay. Rest rest rest!

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Riverlee · 09/07/2022 15:55

Yes, listen to your body. If it’s telling you to sleep, then sleep. If all you can do is slouch on the sofa (and watch MidsomervMurders) then do it. Rest and recuperation is what’s needed for this illness.

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