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how to best guard against contracting covid?

bingbongbingbongbingbong · 18/11/2020 14:53

Hi all, sorry if this has been asked to death.

My DSS is in school and they are having positive test all the time so I imagine it will be a matter of time before DSS gets it.

There is someone being sent home every day with symptoms, and they aren't as cautious about it as they'd like to make out - I drove past the school the other day at break time and saw masses and masses of groups together without masks so it's no wonder.

Anyway, DSS is off school with a "cold" at the moment (DP insists it is JUST a cold) and he is due to come here tonight.

my question is - what can i do to guard myself incase DSS does end up contracting it and is asymptomatic, whilst he's with DP and I?Obviously DP is not going to ban him from coming here (unless he has a cough or temperature or loss of taste/smell - other symptoms don't count apparently) but I'm at high risk so I can't afford to risk contracting it.

DP obviously hugs and kisses him and sits next to him, touches everything he touches whilst he's here so me keeping away from DSS isn't enough.

I wash my hands and stay upstairs as much as I can whilst he's here anyway as my condition means i'm lying down a lot at the moment, but is there anything else I can do that will help? i currently take vitamin d & c is there anything else I can take? I can't obviously follow him around with anti viral spray as its not practical and will make him feel very uncomfortable understandably.

Once he's left I do go around cleaning surfaces/remotes/handles etc.

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nemeton · 18/11/2020 15:00

Has your DSS had a negative test? How does his dad know it's just a cold?
There is no distancing in schools, I am surprised you don't know this yet, as there is no requirement to distance (schools are covid secure, apparently, thanks Gavin Hmm)

You need to keep.away from him, and dp if do has been hugging him. Use separate cutlery/crockery, wash everything carefully with soap/washing up liquid. Keep the windows open for ventilation?
There's no anti-viral sprays as far as I'm aware.

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Catyness · 18/11/2020 15:11

I’m in a similar situation.

Firstly I would be very unhappy for my step children to move in while they have cold symptoms. I’d ask them to postpone by a week.

I heat the house well before we sit down for the evening then crack open windows so there is a flow of air without getting cold. I also have a dew disinfectant atomiser, only the small one, and I have this going in the lounge when we’re watching tv together. It does fill the room with mist after a while! I don’t know if these are enough but it makes me feel better.

I’m lucky that step children are (officially) adults so they and my partner are distancing to an extent. At the start of this he didn’t distance from them so I moved into the spare room for a while because I have a vulnerability.

It’s a really difficult situation. Good luck.

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parietal · 18/11/2020 15:16

keep the windows open.

shove DSS and DP outside as much as possible, especially for meals. Sitting watching a movie (without talking) is much lower risk than talking + eating in a warm kitchen.

but otherwise if your DP gets it from DSS, there is not much you can do.

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