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Long distance relationship

Creamteaincornwall · 01/11/2020 22:09

I’m feeling rather gutted.

I know it pales into insignificance compared to some people’s situation but I’m in a long distance relationship and we were meant to be seeing each other for a long weekend this coming Friday, obviously it won’t be going ahead now.

We live 4 and a half hours away from each other and I’m absolutely dreading this as due to travel restrictions in this new lockdown we won’t be able to see each other for god knows how long. I don’t believe it will be just 4 weeks, same as other people on here.

The only thing that keeps us going and helps keep the distance bearable is to meet up once or twice a month and always have a date in the diary to work towards.

We now don’t know when we’ll see each other again and although we do face time, talk on the phone and message each other regularly it just makes me want to see him more. It’s almost like torture seeing someone on a video call that you want to kiss, hug, touch etc but you physically can’t!

I’m so worried we won’t be able to see each other until next year.

Oh and we can’t form a bubble as he has a flatmate and I live with my parents who are over 60. The plan was to move in together next year (I have a DS from another relationship who lives with me here) but no idea if that will happen now.

Just feel so sad tonight and could do with a cuddle from my DP Sad

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