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It's not an ideal time for fall out :(

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GraceLoula · 23/03/2020 06:25

Yesterday my cousin's went to my grandparents for dinner, they're young and work with the public. They wanted Granny to have a nice time on Mother's Day so wanted to have dinner together. I expressed my concern and advised them not to go. We're self isolating but I wouldn't want to be near such precious vulnerable family members. My grandfather is already quite poorly and is on a lot of medication. I was just met with very hostile responses saying it's their choice, they're not ill and that my grandparents were okay about it which they wasn't but felt like they didn't want to cause any upset. There's now this awkward anger between us 🙄
I was only trying to protect them, it came from a good place. Any one else experiencing the same?

OP posts:
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whitetoblerone · 23/03/2020 06:31

They were very selfish and stupid for going. Why don't people listen?? This is the problem, people just got get it, but I don't know what is so hard to understand about STAY AT HOME and DON'T VISIT THE ELDERLY (unless you're their carer!)
You're completely in the right OP.

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BrexpatInSwitzerland · 23/03/2020 06:50

Which part of "stay the fuck at home and social distance" don't people get?

Look, this situation sucks balls! It really does. And it has me sobbing relentlessly at least twice a day:

My mum is poorly and in another country. My siblings are both overseas. And, most of all, my child is with her father and his family somewhere else yet. I miss them all horribly!!!

My friends feel the same. There's hardly anyone here who's not desperate and getting a tad despressed.

Most of us have not seen anyone outside our households (bar, perhaps, supermarket staff) in the flesh for a while.

It sucks!

But it's necessary and we all go with it, knowing that this is, arguably, the best we can do to get back to normal-ish as soon as possible.

Your relative are selfish dickwads, OP.

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