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DH ignoring the guidelines whilst we stay home

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Lechatnoir · 21/03/2020 21:05

So today whilst DC and I stayed home, Dh has:
helped a neighbour move some furniture
Popped in to see a friend (HCP) for a cuppa
Been to the local shop for some sweets for DC
Been to another shop for Mother's Day cards
Done two work related errands involving more shops/customers

He swears blind he kept a 2m distance to everyone and is regularly washing his hands but frankly, I don't believe him Sad. He also fully intends on continuing to work (a non-essential service role) as long as people still need him. I get we need the money (I lost my job Friday) but FFS his life doesn't seem to have changed one iota and he's just working on the basis of "I'll be ok if I get it, vulnerable people should be at home and we're not in lockdown"

I'm really bloody pissed off that my life has been turned upside down but accept that as my part in stopping the spread. What can I do? I've shouted as I'm angry, I've cried as I'm scared but mainly, I'm just seriously Shock at his blasé attitude.

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dorapicasso · 21/03/2020 22:32

I've just seen an Evening Standard story that says that the elderly and vulnerable will be asked on Monday to stay in for 12 weeks. That's my DH and therefore me. We've followed all the advice and done all the right things, but next door my neighbours are having a party - kids and adults in the garden mixing and chatting and laughing.

I feel absolutely fucking furious. We're expected to stay in and everyone keeps saying we won't get a bed if we're sick whilst around us people carry on with life and take the piss. I've never felt so angry and now I feel like we're being treated like second class citizens.

So I feel your pain OP. Those of us doing the right thing are being shafted by those who won't.

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