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AIBU- Self isolation and Co parenting

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BlessedSM · 21/03/2020 15:13

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on mumsnet so please bare with me as I attempt to get the acronyms right! And sorry for the long post!

I’m a step mum to the most amazing little boy, he’s 7 and has sever autism (non-verbal). My partner and I live together and we have him every weekend.

I suffer from a heart condition and every time I get sick I have to be monitored in relation to my heart to make sure it can take the strain, so as you can probably imagine am extremely anxious over catching coronavirus. I’ve been in self-isolation since Monday.

My partner is a key worker working in the commercial gas industry, he suffers from asthma and has proper protective gas masks with air filtering for his work that he is wearing at all times currently. He also for the last week has only been working on non-contact jobs, where he doesn’t have to physically communicate with anyone and is accessing boiler rooms and plant rooms via keys being left in key locks. So he is effectively also in self isolation. We have done all our food shopping already and are stocked up, so the only communication we have had with the outside world is my partner going into his van in the mornings on our drive and then entering and leaving back entrances to buildings without socialising with others.

As my DSS has a disability he is still in school and his school will remain open (he will be there on Monday as normal). DSS’s mum doesn’t work and also lives with her mum, Along with another DC from a previous relationship. Her other DC sees his dad every weekend too and is continuing to do so and he too is a key worker.

We have broached the topic with her in regards to not having DSS as we normally would as we are self isolating and he is still in school and she is not practicing social distancing. We are worried that if we have DSD we will be more exposed to coronavirus. She has not taken it well at all and has now told my partner he can not see his DS at all again.

Are we doing the right thing?

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