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What should I do ?

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Elasticatedwaist · 21/03/2020 11:05

Ds has poor mental health due to having high functioning aspergers . He works through the week and weekends does 2 outdoor activities that involve him being with one other person in a car to get to it . This other person wants to carry on meeting up .
It really is his lifeline and is what keeps him sane .
DH is at high risk and we are both only going out for food shop only .
Should I let ds continue ? I’ve told him that he needs to stop for 12 weeks but now I’m not sure .
I’m scared of him catching / spreading covid-19 and I’m scared of him losing his only friend and descending into a suicidal situation which he has on occasions previously.

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Babygirl66 · 21/03/2020 16:48

Not being funny, but considering your son is working full time, I presume that he is an adult. In which case it really isn’t your choice. Yes I I get that he has Asperger (so do I) but if he is “high functioning” and is working full time, he is mentally capable of deciding for himself- unless you have left some information out. Having Aspergers doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of making his own decisions. I would go mental if my parents still dictated what I can and cannot do due to me having HF ASD.

Personally, I would advise him that it’s probably not the best idea to go out and to think about the repercussions if he did get the virus. But you cannot really stop him from going if he wants to.

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