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Anxiety about the coronavirus

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AnxiousOverCovid · 20/03/2020 16:54

I am in one of the vulnerable categories which means I am at a higher risk of complications so I am in the group that will soon be asked to stay home for 12 weeks. Before the coronavirus I had some anxiety but it was getting better so I never went to see my GP about it. However I think this situation is making me feel really anxious and I don't like the person it is making me into and it is causing arguments in my family.

I thought I was keeping it together and to an extent, I am. I am not having panic attacks and I don't feel nervous or anxious. However I realise now that the stress and underlying anxiety I feel has made me turn into a horrible person to live with. I am living with my family whilst at college. They are starting to get angry with me for reminding them to wash their hands when they get home. They are angry with me for suggesting to my sister that she shouldn't go clubbing given the circumstances. Two of us in my family are classed as high risk and have to social distance for 12 weeks. There was confusion in my family about the circumstances of that so I explained what the guidance was and one of my older brothers shouted at me for doing that, saying he is fed up of hearing about it from me.

I just don't know what to do. On the one hand I know I am not a nice person to be around at the moment because of all the anxiety I have, but at the same time I think it is important that they know and follow guidance not just for my health but theirs too. I hate how horrible I must be coming across and feel so guilty. It's just such a horrible time right now.

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