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This is really making me see how selfish some people are...including those I love

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doomedbar · 20/03/2020 14:09

I am getting increasingly pissed off at all bar one of the older folk in my family. Big family so there’s lots.

They are all carrying on as if nothing’s happening. In spite of being over seventy having health conditions.

I can see me really falling out with some of them over this but I just can’t get over it.

Supermarkets dedicating hours to them, schools shutting so I have to spend the next god knows how long home schooling my children and working full time (DHs a senior nurse so hardly here atm) probably underperforming and ending up with unpaid leave and they’re out swanning about. I’m just waiting for the “you can’t work from home while looking after children” HR guidance.

Disclaimer, I am only talking about my family. I am sure there’s lots of responsible people out there too. It’s really starting to get me down.

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