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Part time shop work for 16-year-old DS

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DadJoke · 20/03/2020 11:57

My DS is having his last day at school, and they've been pretty good at seeting up a timetable and work for him. I work alone in an office with no other people around, and I intend to bring him in during the school day to get his work done. It will be a massive PIA, but it seems like the best solution.

His 19-year old sister is in a vulenerable category and lives locally, and I see her each day, taking stringent hygiene precautions, to deliver food and chat.

Anyway, the local co-op are looking for new workers - they are overwhelmed - and he for once has expressed a willingness to get a part time job there. I think it would be really good for him. Obviously, there is an increased risk he might get coronavirus and give it to me.

If he were 21, I couldn't really say no, but as he's 16 I can.

I have somewhat complicated alternatives for my daughter if I do get sick, but I can see there is still a risk and wanted to poll your opinion.

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