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Working in a DIY shop is hell right now

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igglypop · 19/03/2020 21:00

I kind of get it. People are self isolating and worried about lock down so are buying things to keep themselves busy.
But I swear working in a DIY shop right now is almost as bad as a supermarket.
I must have sold 100+ large tubs of paint today.
Masking tape, brushes and rollers.
Power tools.
The DIY trade is definitely not suffering right now.
Just infuriates me that 80% of customers are the elderly who should be self isolating. Today I was coughed on more times than I care to think about by elderly people.
And don’t get me started on the customers who openly tell me they are self isolating with symptoms but just had to pop into store as they’ve ran out of paint.
We have no hand sanitizer, no anti bacterial wipes for tills and card machines, just wet wipes.
We are one of the only shops that are still accepting cash. Today a customer was licking his fingers in between counting out £5 notes to stop them sticking together.
Oh and 60% of our workforce are off self isolating.
There has to be a better way surely?

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igglypop · 19/03/2020 21:05

In fact we have never been so busy.
We do click and collect orders and can barely move because of the amount of DIY parcels out the back.
It’s quite a small store too and customers stand so close to you. They practically lean over the desk so they’re 30cm away from you.
I keep stepping back, but need to use my computer and scanner still.
Give me space!

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