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Are any Uni students getting fees or accommodation refunds?

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DirtyDripSpout · 19/03/2020 15:20

DD's uni closed on Tuesday and will not be returning until September. There are no further lectures or seminars. She's in halls of residence, but has been told she is not entitled to any refunds for tuition or accommodation fees.

Are all the Uni's taking this approach?

She has missed so many lectures as it is due to recent strike actions. FWIW I do think it was the right decision to close the Uni's but taking 10 weeks worth of accommodation fees that she won't be using is gutting.

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bushhbb · 19/03/2020 15:25

I don't know about accommodation, but there's no reason to refund fees.

Everything is online. We still submit essays and whatever, it's not like they cancelled any projects. It's the exact same except we don't come in. Still get PowerPoints, webinars, recordings etc.

I'm not paying myself anyway, but wouldn't expect a refund

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