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Shared contact in a lockdown

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Asteria36 · 19/03/2020 10:58

My stepchildren live with DH and I and visit their mother every other weekend. She has a flat near us, but is now staying at her boyfriend's house because she is working from home. DH has just had a conversation with her about the social distancing situation and she is insisting that the children will be taken to her boyfriends residence during her contact time. DH and I have no objection to contact remaining in place, but we are feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the DSC being taken into a house over an hours drive away every other weekend with 6 non-isolating residents (medical staff and children remaining in school).
How on earth do we manage this situation without inflaming an already tricky relationship? We really don't want to alienate the DSC from their mother, however we feel that she is currently being very blasé about their health and that of those around them. It sounds mad but I'm praying for a complete lockdown before the next contact so that the matter is taken out of our hands!
How is everyone else dealing with lockdown and shared contact? Has the Govt. put out any guidelines for how we should proceed?

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