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Why aren't people thinking more about the risks in the supermarket??

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ACertainSupermarket · 18/03/2020 17:14

So I work in a major supermarket, obviously being affected by the panic buying.
I saw so many family groups, elderly couples, people with health issues (i.e. on scooters). The shop was heaving.
Stood in long lines having a good old laugh and natter with each other.
All potentially catching or spreading the virus.
Who knows who might already be ill, or a carrier? They say you can be contagious before you even show the symptoms.

Why aren't people taking this seriously yet?

Can you honestly say you just got the bare essentials you needed if you were out food shopping today? Apart from dog food (and eggs which were all gone but we can eat something else) I didn't NEED anything. My children said have you stocked up, and I showed them that there is food in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to make meals for weeks just with our normal stocks. And I don't have a big kitchen.

Can you please, PLEASE encourage your family members not to shop as a pack or out of habit, and to stay home if you have any underlying frailty? Us staff HAVE to be there, and would really like to stay healthy just as much as you would!

OP posts:
Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 17:17

Love and strength to you is all I can say Thanks

Supermarket workers are the forgotten heroes in all of this.

I think it's about panic and needing to regain some control of the situation, however small. It is definitely 'non-essential' though in a lot of cases.

CappyCapCap · 18/03/2020 17:20

A friend had to take her baby to a&e the other night (not corona related) one child had 7 relatives with them, others had 3 & 4. She said there were people waiting with kids who couldnt sit down.

This was the children waiting room.

For some reason people are still doing bug group expeditions, where there is absolutely no need.

TigerJoy · 18/03/2020 17:23

I really, really don't know.

I've been away and did a big stock up on Tuesday morning, first thing, in the supermarket. The woman serving me looked at me like I was mad, and asked me how long I expected my food to last for (we were talking about coronavirus) - I said 2 weeks but to be honest i got lots of staples which would drag it out further, I just meant things like the fruit and veg.

I've only popped out once since to get eggs and go to the pharmacy.

I think people don't want to admit the seriousness of the situation. but it's really unfair on people like you. Thank you so much for continuing to go to work!

PumpkinP · 18/03/2020 17:30

So now we can’t go shopping Confused

cushioncovers · 18/03/2020 17:37

Yes go shopping but just don't take the whole family.

PumpkinP · 18/03/2020 17:41

Well I will have to take all 4 of my children as none are old enough to be left home alone

Rumboogie · 18/03/2020 17:41

I agree. I normally would do small shops several times a week. now am doing a single shop weekly, and could last longer if I was ill. Won't let family members come to 'help' (I have arthritis). No point in exposing more people.

However, I noticed this morning just the things you did, plus, of course, the proximity of self-checkout tills, the necessity for staff to be very close to sort out malfunctioning tills, etc.

Our Sainsbury's has recently got rid of the trolley self-checkout tills, which, in the circumstances (and in any case) seems very short-sighted, as these allow checking out of larger amounts without close proximity to anyone, especially cashiers, who must be especially at risk.

CappyCapCap · 18/03/2020 17:48

Well I will have to take all 4 of my children as none are old enough to be left home alone

That's slightly missing the point. As a single parent, you would need to take them all.

Thats not what OP is saying

ACertainSupermarket · 18/03/2020 18:41

Well I will have to take all 4 of my children as none are old enough to be left home alone
Yes obviously there will be difficult individual situations- although most of us would be able to think of someone who could watch them or go for you.
In the European lockdowns, though, you are simply not allowed to take any of your children into the supermarket with you.
Tbh shopping with four children sounds like a nightmare at the best of times.

OP posts:
LadyTiredWinterBottom2 · 18/03/2020 18:45

I have thought about it. I'm not getting in a bug queue or picking up a basket, that's for sure.

Emmes · 18/03/2020 18:46

I have lots of number 1 & 2 nappies available. Based near dymchurch if anyone needs help

WhatTheHellHappenedArgh · 18/03/2020 18:47

If you have 4 kids why wouldn't you do your shopping online?

I know there are difficulties with that at the moment, but actually you can get a slot if you advance plan.

TheGreatWave · 18/03/2020 18:52

"For some reason people are still doing bug group expeditions, where there is absolutely no need.*

That is a fairly apt typo. Grin

But we can't win, on this thread people are being told not to go to a supermarket, on the online shopping threads people are being told they are selfish and should go to the actual shop.

FoxEars · 18/03/2020 18:56


It's absolutely ridiculous

I saw whole families in Tescos this morning

This shit is going to get a lot worse before it gets better

ACertainSupermarket · 18/03/2020 19:00

Oh no. Just been announced schools are closing. Can we expect whole family outings to buy their bloody crisps and similar esentials now?

OP posts:
Simonsaysitschristmas · 18/03/2020 19:02

But also because people are panic buying, it means those that can’t get their hands on their normal shop need to keep going out to get bits, which obviously means more contact with other people.

The people who have 2/3/4 weeks of stuff need to stay away from shops until they have used it up, this gives those running low to stock up and then again for those to stay away.

ACertainSupermarket · 18/03/2020 19:10

I would say rethink 'normal' - look at what you have and make an effort to use things up, be inventive, try that app that tells you what you can make with the ingredients you have.
We absolutely need to move away from the 'shopping as a pastime' mindset.

OP posts:
CappyCapCap · 18/03/2020 19:14

But we can't win, on this thread people are being told not to go to a supermarket,

In big groups and only if you actually need to.

Op didnt say can all people just not go to the supermarket.

ACertainSupermarket · 18/03/2020 19:20

Yes, not saying don't go at all - don't go in family groups!
And don't go as often as you are used to.

OP posts:
VisitingtheInfidel · 18/03/2020 19:33

I really think they need to start limiting numbers of people coming into supermarkets so that everyone can stay a decent distance from each other.
I started work at 6 this morning and there was already a huge crowd waiting outside and once they were let in it was rammed. People were pushing and shoving to get the things they wanted. I’m betting that half of them were probably infectious.
I read a thread earlier from someone who was worried that a supermarket worker was coughing next to her. Times that by about a thousand for us on the shop floor. I’ve literally had people sneeze and cough directly into my face. We’ve got hand sanitizer and are doing the best we can but due to the huge numbers of customers I’m almost certainly going to catch it. My health isn’t good, my MIL lives with us and is elderly and has diabetes, high blood pressure and a thyroid condition. My Mum has dementia and COPD and my Dad relies on us doing their shopping and errands and making meals for them. What the hell happens to them when I get sick?
My husband has had ALL his work cancelled until at least July and is scrabbling round trying to find work as a delivery driver but of course so is everyone else, so I can’t even ditch the job and stay home.

Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 19:38

So now we can’t go shopping

We are meant to be social distancing and avoiding crowds. If your fridge is well stocked you don't need to be there 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I think supermarkets right now are hotbeds for spreading it.

Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 19:40

@visitingtheinfidel Sad


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MinkowskisButterfly · 18/03/2020 19:46

I am thinking about it, my husband works in a supermarket and I fall into one of the vulnerable categories. I am actually terrified.

LuxLFC · 18/03/2020 19:50

I'm high risk but went to the shop this morning, earlier than normal. Had no choice but to go & as I recall from Bozo's press conference yesterday they were saying people such as myself would be asked to stay home for at least 12 weeks from Friday, so they were giving people an opporunity to prepare. I know the days don't really make any difference but that is what they said.

PumpkinP · 18/03/2020 20:02

My fridge isn’t well stocked because I listened to the stupid people’s on mn who said not to stock pile 🙄

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