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I feel I have messed up my job with all this Corona situation

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lolaflores · 18/03/2020 14:40

I have been looking for the Corona corner but can't find it, so will ask to have this moved.
IN short, I started a new job in November. Haven't worked for 12 years but the hours were ideal etc. It is a role face to face with the public. I have chronic asthma, bipolar, some mobility problems but got the all clear from their OC.Health.
About 3 weeks started a cough, breathless, bit of a temp and aches. NHS 111 told me to go to GP. They won't let me into surgery cos of symptoms, got a phone call. Spoke to GP, said to self isolate. I was in work at the time trying to just get on but went home as she insisted.

Got an appointmnet with another doc in the surgery for later that day, he siad chest infection, antibiotics steroids, I went back to work. The meds have finished, cough hasn't this is 7 days ago. I still feel crappy. Barking cough. My peak flow is lower than usual even after inhaler. I didn't go to work yesterday or today and told my manager I am waiting on another GP call but no idea when they will get to me.
THere is constant talk that they are going to shut to the public but nothing definite meanwhile I am worrying about the sick leave ticking along and as I am still in probation, I am feeling more and more certain Ill get the boot. It won't be the end of the world, I just feel so helpless.
I know no one on here can do anything either but I am just going in circles with it. Right now I feel like resigning to save myself the worrying and trying to balance whats the best thing to do. I know loads of people are worried about work but I cant get my head to stop

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