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Isolation with a newborn - WWYD?

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SparkleUK · 18/03/2020 11:42

Hi all,

So myself and DP are late twenties, no underlying health issues. We had our baby three weeks ago so I'm on maternity until October but DP couldn't get any paternity as he started a new job and is on a training course of 24 people plus trainers. They're talking about if higher measures are guided by the Government, they may close the centre and have him train from home.

I'm really scared to leave the house so have been isolating with our DS. Scared for him having little immunity (I know it's reported children aren't affected badly but it's hard to know what to believe and don't want to take any chances) and also that I might get ill and not be able to be there for him day to day.

I try and send family lots of photos (GP's met DS when he was born as did other family) but he hasn't met my gran yet as she is very OTT and I wanted to recover first, then this. She is in 70s with health issues. I'm being made to feel guilty about keeping him to myself from my mum and gran - getting comments that I should take him to meet her or people wanting to have cuddles with him. I'm not enjoying the situation but I'm a self admitted protective FTM ha, so wondering if you'd do the same or WYWD?

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LemonSaturdays · 18/03/2020 21:33

Same situation - we have a 2.5wk old! I’m so upset we won’t get to do all the lovely maternity activities and groups all my friends loved so much.

No harm in keeping your little one away from potential infection, especially as you need to be well yourself to look after your baby!

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