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AIBU to think covid-19 might cause a baby boom?

56 replies

MamaDane · 18/03/2020 03:46


Isolation. Quarantine. Lockdown. Economic struggle.

All over the world, it's happening in various degrees.

Could we perhaps see a small baby boom in December / January? 🤔

OP posts:

BecauseReasons · 18/03/2020 06:48

This is a meme. It says, 'In thirteen years we shall see the rise of the quaranteens.'


BogRollBOGOF · 18/03/2020 06:48

There did used to be spikes in birthrates 9 months after events like the 3 day week, but that was before Netflix. (Although that's not a great example as that was power shortages and Netflix needs power...)

As much as I love my DCs, the prospect of being trapped in with them for weeks is a very effective form of contraception Grin Normally the reminder that cute babies mutate into toddlers is plenty to kill my libido.


maa1992 · 18/03/2020 06:49

I think it 100% will


Tellmetruth4 · 18/03/2020 06:50

I personally wouldn’t want to be pregnant during this time. They have no idea what affects this virus has on unborn babies.


Stuckforthefourthtime · 18/03/2020 06:56

I think it will, but likely not in a good way. People would not usually plan to get pregnant when there is a risk to pregnancy, and finances are so uncertain.

However in homes that are already chaotic, or where there is abuse,or lack of medical knowledge (either about the illness or about the ways to go about getting contraception at this time), there will surely be a boom...


thepeopleversuswork · 18/03/2020 07:16

Stuckforthefourthtime This.

I think the whole baby boom idea is much darker than the cutesy association it had in the postwar period. So much of it is about boredom, male entitlement and lack of female independence. Not much to celebrate really. And if people are getting pregnant now its not going to be in the best circumstances.

Sorry to be a killjoy.


PennyArrowBar · 18/03/2020 07:16

Maybe. If women are unable to access contraception, are in abusive relationships, chaotic households etc. Those who are actively TTC may stop.

Those who have been struggling to conceive for a while probably won't stop TTC (but I know IVF cycles have been cancelled and gynae/fertility appointments have been postponed)¡


WhoToTell · 18/03/2020 07:16

I hope not! Anyone who deicides that now is a good time is seriously mad. I’m currently pregnant and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone during this time. Way to much uncertainty around jobs and the economy let alone the unknown health risks.


BiNgOo · 18/03/2020 07:21

I was thinking more and increase in divorces...


Roselilly36 · 18/03/2020 07:26

Yes a baby boom or divorces, telly isn’t great & no live sport!


sixeightfour · 18/03/2020 07:27

We have postponed TTC for now. We don't know what this virus could do to the unborn yet.


Sassanacs · 18/03/2020 07:35

Yes this was in the paper a week or so ago - the 'coronials' generation

There will also be a Peak in divorce rates


PicsInRed · 18/03/2020 07:37

I believe there will be an increase in women dying of domestic murder and it being passed off as corona.

Domestic violence generally will increase, the stats wont be updated, the police will ignore it more than ever.

More rape, zero investigations or prosecutions.

I'd actually really like to hear Boris Johnson reassure the women (and children) of the UK that domestic violence will not be tolerated - that in the event of any martial law, it will be harshly punished along with looting etc.

The issue will be less "baby boom" and more "no contraception or abortion services".


PicsInRed · 18/03/2020 07:40

Precisely, Stuckforthefourthtime and thepeopleversuswork, any baby boom will be less Happy Days and more The Hand Maids Tale. In very many cases, the women will not be making a free choice to have sex without contraception.


seven201 · 18/03/2020 07:50

If you look on the infertility board you will see quite a lot of ivf is being cancelled. I'm waiting to find out if mine is being cancelled. Some people may create a baby from this whilst others may be denied a baby forever (if clinics do close for a while).


TheClitterati · 18/03/2020 07:51

I have no doubt it's going to be quite a big baby boom in nine months time. Something else for us to manage


BramwellBrown · 18/03/2020 09:16

4 days into quarantine here and I can confirm there is absolutely zero chance of me getting pregnant because DH is doing my head in and I don't want to talk to him let alone have sex.


sixeightfour · 18/03/2020 09:25

I'm trying to think how any one can pass off domestic murder as coronavirus


Waspnest · 18/03/2020 09:40

Really really hope not. Aside from pregnant women possibly being more vulnerable to corona we could do with fewer people using the NHS at the moment not more. In fact I'd say anyone considering it at the moment or those not going over and above to avoid it (including avoiding sex completely if necessary) are bloody stupid.


Waspnest · 18/03/2020 09:43

'is' not are.


Adelais · 18/03/2020 09:52

I think the opposite as I think anyone would be mad to ttc at the moment. I know accidents happen but I think the virus will put people off trying for the moment.


QuizzlyBear · 18/03/2020 13:39

I'm stuck in the house 24/7 with my husband. If there's weeks of this there may be a Corona Divorce boom!


MamaDane · 18/03/2020 19:56

I love being stuck with my DP 😂 I don't get all of these divorce comments.

OP posts:

Bubu222 · 18/03/2020 20:04

Mmmm what an irony when you think about it: old sickly people replaced by young healthy babies... the circle of life


Inkpaperstars · 18/03/2020 20:07

If you look on the infertility board you will see quite a lot of ivf is being cancelled. I'm waiting to find out if mine is being cancelled. Some people may create a baby from this whilst others may be denied a baby forever (if clinics do close for a while).

Agreed Flowers. That's such a sadness in this.

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