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AIBU to think covid-19 might cause a baby boom?

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MamaDane · 18/03/2020 03:46


Isolation. Quarantine. Lockdown. Economic struggle.

All over the world, it's happening in various degrees.

Could we perhaps see a small baby boom in December / January? 🤔

OP posts:
DroubleTrouble · 18/03/2020 03:48

Haha exactly what I said x

Topseyt · 18/03/2020 03:48

I think it is not beyond the bounds of possibility.

Thepigeonsarecoming · 18/03/2020 03:51

I don’t think many in isolation are feeling horny just now

MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 03:51

God no insane to consider it now imo

MakeLemonade · 18/03/2020 03:52

I really hope not, that’s the last thing the NHS and other global health services need!

MamaDane · 18/03/2020 03:54

Idk @pigeon Denmark has been shut down, I have 6 months old twins but still horny and broody 🤣 (although I like women so that isn't happening naturally of course)

OP posts:
daisypond · 18/03/2020 03:58

I would think the opposite, a drop in the birth rate. Being ill or worried or scared doesn’t do much for the libido.

fuzzyduck1 · 18/03/2020 04:06

If it does people are not self isolating enough

daisypond · 18/03/2020 04:15

If it does people are not self isolating enough

sunshinemachine · 18/03/2020 04:15

i hope not

Medievalist · 18/03/2020 04:16

Won't women be too scared by the prospect of getting pregnant at a time when the NHS is stretched to breaking point and this could drag on well into 2021? Also nobody knows how the virus might impact the unborn child. I'd be terrified of getting pregnant at the moment (fortunately I'm too old!)

Henrysmycat · 18/03/2020 04:21

We have Boomers, GenX, Millenials, GenZ, and now The Coronnnials.

newmummy8789 · 18/03/2020 04:30

More likely to be an influx of divorces 😆

FloraGreysteel · 18/03/2020 04:50

More likely to lead to more domestic violence. Especially with sports being cancelled and the pubs closed.

TKAAHUARTG · 18/03/2020 04:52

Do stupid people only have sex when they can't go out then? Contraception is still available. Yes OP you are probably right.

Blackbear19 · 18/03/2020 05:19

Too many unknowns, risks of birth defects, heightened risk to pregnant women, 3 months quarantine.
I think there will be less planned pregnancies but more happy accidents.

Duckduckduck123 · 18/03/2020 06:16

I think we'll have a rise in divorce rates

MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 06:21

People won’t be able to afford divorce and domestic violence will go up.

The outcome of people fumbling in the dark for a rise in babies is laughable to me.

SmallPinkBear · 18/03/2020 06:24

Or maybe a divorce boom from being stuck inside with no escape Grin

Treaclepie19 · 18/03/2020 06:29

It's not very nice being pregnant though this so I'd hope not.

NoemieNioche · 18/03/2020 06:29

I imagine more people will ask themselves why on earth they had kids after being stuck indoors with them for months.

ukgift2016 · 18/03/2020 06:32

Me and partner planned to TTC in September. Of course if this is still going on, we would put it on hold but we may be part of that baby boom.

thepeopleversuswork · 18/03/2020 06:38

I don't see this happening. First of all presumably dating physical or online has completely ground to a halt atm. How do you meet people?

Also based on the evidence I've seen its more likely to lead to divorces and the breakdown of relationships, due to men not prioritising theirs and heir family's health and carrying on as if nothing had changed.

I've seen a couple of threads on here recently suggesting that men are being a bit dense about the impact and basically not stepping up.

So unless you're shagging someone you're already living with and TTC with I can't see it really.

MotherOfAllNameChanges · 18/03/2020 06:44

I reckon it will.

Mrsmadevans · 18/03/2020 06:45

It crossed my mind too Smile

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