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Will DP have to stay away as non essential travel ?

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Tinkerbellx · 17/03/2020 21:13

I’m a health care professional and very likely to be working flat out for the next few months .
My problem is my DP and I ( we’re planning on moving in together like now ) currently live an hour apart currently.
My house is up for sale but could be for months now .
His house is up for rent .
I have a dd aged 9 and absolutely no one to take care of her when the schools shut .
Dp has offered to home school her and work from home to take care of her when it gets tougher next week or so allowing me to stay at the hospital as needed .
As he lives an hour away my worry is ... if like France you literally need a permit to be out will he be allowed to travel here or me there to take care of dd ?
If he isn’t allowed to travel here I can’t work .
Sometimes he will need to be there as his business is near his home but I guess he could move in here maybe during the week as long as he could drive back maybe once or twice a week .
I have no one else i could ask to help locally . Certainly not for the hours I will be working .woild it be classed as essential travel do you think ?

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Notcoolmum · 18/03/2020 06:52

Can he move in with you for a while? That would seem to be the simplest solution.

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