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For parents now working from home (lighthearted)

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MinesaPinotPlease · 17/03/2020 20:52

To lift our spirits and for fun.

For everyone trying to work from home due to COVID 19 share something your kids did today and call them your coworkers.

I’ll start.

My youngest coworker sat on my lap chatted throughout the team meeting and farted loudly during a quiet moment.

My other young coworker had a tantrum when they were asked to tidy the office and had to be sent for a nap by a member of Senior Management Team.

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Breastfeedingworries · 17/03/2020 21:16

(Love this idea)

My favourite coworker was on one today! She windmilled scrambled eggs all over the break room. Then performed wind the bobbin up while laughing manically. Grin

Later my coworker, decided to bite My toes and say I’ve got that yummy yummy.

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