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How to manage symptoms at home

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8by8 · 17/03/2020 20:25

I have a sore throat, headache and a temperature so our household is self-isolating, but a friend can bring us supplies tomorrow. I’m wondering what medicines she should buy (if she can find them!).

Obviously if I develop trouble breathing I’ll consult 111/999 as appropriate.

But how can I best manage symptoms at home?

I’ve seen advice saying

  • use paracetomol to reduce fever and aches and pains (not ibuprofen as it seems to be dangerous for this)

  • get lots of rest, drink lots of liquids

But is that it? Is there anything I can do for the sore throat (I normally take strepsils if I have a cold but that’s it)? Most there anything I can do to improve my chances of getting through this?
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