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Nursery still charging in following Government guidance

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martyb447 · 17/03/2020 20:11

First Post,
Our Nursery has sent out an email and I'm currently in "discussions" with them due to the fact they've stated they will continue to charge full fees for an absence due to any isolation.
I understand they have to run a business but my argument is that they have access to financial aid while parents dont.
Any parent who has to look after their child now faces a double hit - lose wage and still pay Nursery fees. I dont think it takes a genius to see that some parents may have no choice but to "calpol up" thier child and return to work.
Our Nursery tried to rely on their T&Cs and stated that I had "signed up to them" and to look at Force Majeure section - but after pointing out that only covered them not providing care have just stated they will fall back on non attendance.

Is any one else facing this? Am I genuinely being unreasonable to assume a Nursery would have the safety of its own staff and children as a priority when it has access to financial aid?

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PeterWeg · 17/03/2020 20:16

Cancel the contract. You are not likely to be able to use their service for months.

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