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practicallyperfectwithprosecco · 17/03/2020 19:05

For all the demands for schools to remain open there are just as many demands to close with arguments from both sides.

You do realise in next week or 2 schools will close for Easter holidays then all the children will be congregating in parks McDonalds etc.

Health care workers other essential workers will have to work then and find childcare

High schools near me have started to close to non exam years as they now have too many teachers off.

Dd16 sat next to a boy who was sent home this afternoon with suspected coronavirus she has been in lesson with him most of day with him coughing really badly so now it's wait and see when she will get ill

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tobesuretobesure · 17/03/2020 19:19

Suspect that given that we are at the beginning of the upward trajectory for this virus everywhere will be in legally enforced lock down in a few weeks.

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