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It seems the Government has changed course

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Cam77 · 17/03/2020 18:08

Seems the government has done a U-turn and is accepting/has already accepted that its intial strategy (which the BBC terms “mitigation”, , also termed/mistermed herd immunity) which was the strategy as recently as last Friday, will NOT work and could well result in 200,000 deaths. Many people had come up with similar figures, based on basic statistics and models available.

Many are now considering that the government has now (though there is still some debate) moved onto what the BBC call “suppression” ie, joining the rest of the world.

Seems the Givernment is getting a relatively free pass on it as of yet, as the media is understandably busy trying to keep up, but questions will certainly be asked of what would amount to a massive error in the first crucial weeks. How costly will the dithering have proven to be? The “timing is crucial” motto of the past couple of weeks was seemingly nothing but hot air...
Both articles below published today.

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